Introduction to Metacognitive Training (MCT) for Psychosis

Welcome to the online guidance for leading group Metacognitive Training (MCT) for psychosis!

Our goal:

The aim of this training is to prepare you to lead group MCT for psychosis.

After completing the training, you will

  • be familiar with the empirical findings regarding the effectiveness of MCT,
  • know the content and background of MCT,
  • be familiar with typical cognitive biases/distortions in psychosis and know how to address them in group MCT,
  • be familiar with the various types of exercises that are used in group MCT,
  • know how to facilitate group MCT,
  • know various strategies for dealing with comorbid problems (e.g. depression, low self-esteem), and
  • know how to deal with difficult therapeutic situations.

The training procedure

This e-training contains many practical tips, videos (in German with English subtitles), interactive exercises, and images to give you ideas for setting up and conducting group MCT. Some of the content is mentioned several times. This is intentional because repetition is helpful in learning and remembering new information.

To view the modules in English, please scroll down.

Important: This training does not replace extensive study of the manual. It is intended to help you get started as an MCT facilitator.

The manual additionally contains a detailed description of the modules and exercises. It serves as preparation for the sessions and can be downloaded here:

Download: Manual

You can download the treatment slides and homework here.

Technical requirements

This site is best compatible with Mozilla Firefox, which can be downloaded online at no cost.

In order to ensure the best possible presentation of the content, we recommend always working on the e-learning using the full-screen mode.  

Donation and certification

We provide this MCT training course and the MCT materials free of charge. However, as their development has cost considerable time and money, we would appreciate a donation of $100 (or equivalent: see; for students/individuals in training we suggest $50 or equivalent) via this link. 

You will of course receive a receipt for your donation for tax purposes.  

We provide a certificate that confirms your successful completion of the online training. To receive the certificate, you will be asked to take a test at the end of the training. You must obtain a score of at least 80% to receive the certificate. You may repeat the test as many times as necessary until you achieve this score.

For questions or technical problems

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Training contents

You have reached the end of the introduction. The following learning units await you in the course of the training. For future visits, you can use this overview to jump directly to the unit where you left off before. At the end of each page you will find the button “To overview”, which allows you to return to the table of contents at any time.

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